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ishush on qik, sousveillance, & equiveillance

Ishush has:

MONDAY, JUNE 01, 2009
qik & sousveillance

Sousveillance is about us all ‘at the bottom’ observing what goes on around and above us in an intentional way. Missteps by those in power (censorship, abuse, illegal moves of other kinds) can be recorded and cataloged just as well as the illegal moves of those ‘below’ — us — can be recorded and cataloged by those in power.

Qik may be a tool that takes sousveillance where it really needs to go — live feed. It’s got some kind of Facebook app too that I haven’t explored yet. Camera phones can be confiscated — but if the video is streaming live, then you can imagine that security may become reticent even to take said phone away, as long as doing so is an illegal act (or an embarrassment for the org or polis they may represent).

This could hold feet to fire. This could be a real tool for The People to document grievances against their states. “Equiveillance” is the term, I think.

They’re watching, and we’re watching too.

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Qik… so friendly, so cute. Will be a political force.


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aol taiwan

And Hong Kong.

And Sphere in play.

And the iPhone interface.

Despite Time-Warner’s wingeing and waffling, AOL seems to be getting less irrelevant.  I’m suddenly interested.

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good mag: nuclear weapons

[Via Infosthetics]

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secrecy and secret secrecy

Well, I’ll be.  Lookie this:

CRAWFORD, Texas – President Bush on Monday signed a bill aimed at giving the public and the media greater access to information about what the government is doing.

The new law toughens the Freedom of Information Act, the first such makeover to the signature public-access law in a decade. It amounts to a congressional pushback against the Bush administration’s movement to greater secrecy since the terrorist attacks of 2001.

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bldgblog library




















buildings and books

books and people

people and machines

machines and buildings

and people


Some of these things go together, you know.

Spacetime, mind; meat and machines.

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Working on a project now about making the 2.0 stuff work for libraries — advanced tools, qr code, smart xml schemes, social books, wanding w/ arphids.  Trying to gather all the thoughts together, lay them down in one spot with some order.  Will be making some notes to myself here and there.

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Oh, just shut it.

‘”I hope to hold websites accountable for their actions and re-balance the power that a user has online. Free speech should be global and not just a concept for the outside world. A virtual forum should be no different than a coffee shop. And we wouldn’t stand for someone getting kicked out of a coffee shop because they said Linux sucks.”‘

No. Quit your whining. If you’re in my coffee shop and you piss me off, I kick you out. It’s my coffee shop. I am the proprietor. You enjoy coffee here on my terms, or you take your business (and comments) elsewhere. Freedom of speech in the public square — but in my coffee shop, I will bounce your ass right out for talking smack, and rightly so.

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yahoo like seadragon

yahoo! design innovation team

Take a look at Bookscape, and the movie demo there… Reminds of Seadragon:


“The Open Library project (part of the Internet Archive) has scanned and digitized about 2,600 illustrated books for children, all full of about 250,000 illustrations total. It it hard to see all the pictures without paging through each book however, so this experimental interface uses dynamic resampling of image data to place all the images in one zoomable space, arranged alphabetically by title.”

(via infosthetics

via ishush)

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note to self:

after Zaha Hadid, we need to take a close look at

Ali Rahim

Kostas Terzidis

Sophia Vyzoviti

and think, how arbitrary are Hadid’s lines, and why? ain’t it all a bit 90s? the Pritzker just now catching up with post- Spice Girls urban UK?

random spikes paradoxically lifeless. give me some organic purpose — or is this all a bit nihilistic, with an F-you to the good green earth… which is kind of tasty in its own way…  Hadid as rock-n-roll.  War torn.  Rogers as neat and nerdy, “likable”.

Any how. Vyzoviti’s Folding. Time Machine Go. The mean maths of large-scale feng shui boxing.

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hello world, qr code

“Hello, world!” is a real installation for the virtual globe of
the software Google Earth. A Semacode measuring 160 x 160 meters was mown into a wheat field near the town of Ilmenau in the Land Thuringia. The code consists of 18 x 18 bright and dark squares producing decoded the phrase “Hello, world!”.
The project was realized in May 2006 and photographs were taken of it during a picture flight in the following month.

This here:

…is where your virtual and your ‘real’ get all tangled up and soupy.

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