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Working on a project now about making the 2.0 stuff work for libraries — advanced tools, qr code, smart xml schemes, social books, wanding w/ arphids.  Trying to gather all the thoughts together, lay them down in one spot with some order.  Will be making some notes to myself here and there.


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writing typing fonts

I reckon a book or a blog needs to carry on with that rhythm, page to page, post to post,  and carry it on with pictures and colors (whenever used) and sounds (both audio and in terms of the “sound” of the words used, the prosody) and maybe some other attributes I’m not thinking of.  Like tone and attitude.

Font becomes library.

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bibliometry and transhumanism: new work

Journal of Evolution and Technology‘s out with a new volume for Summer. Read my paper there, “Singularity Warfare: A Bibliometric Survey of Militarized Transhumanism.


This paper examines a number of terms related to transhumanism, and their prevalence in military and government publications. Transhumanism and the technologies attendant to the movement have clear implications for militaries and insurgencies. Although strategists in all camps must begin to plan for the possible impacts of such technologies if they wish to stay relevant and ready on a global scale, the impact of transhuman values is all but nonexistent in the military literature. This paper concludes that the lack of transhuman terms in military journals illustrates an ignorance of transhumanism amongst military thinkers and policy makers.

Shout out to Marcelo, Dr. J, and the reviewers for the constructive criticism!

Good work in this volume. Don’t miss Koepsell’s piece on gene patenting.

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recent work

“Arphids in Ascendance.” American Libraries, June/July 2007.

“Online Strategic Intelligence: Five Companies to Consider.” ONLINE, May/June 2007.

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lloyd alexander

did die on 17 may 07.

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tardis wikia

Because Jared loves me, he sends:

Wikia’s Doctor Who: Tardis Index File.


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AIDS awareness + betel nut

{UPDATE: it occurs to me to ask, anybody know if betel is legal in the States?  Anybody know where I could find them if they, um, are? E-mail me if ye do knw.} 

Betel nuts are good. Sure, they give you lip cancer, make your teeth red, stain the sidewalks up so horrible that it looks like blood from scooter wrecks everywhere… but they also give you a hot charge that rises from deep in your shoulders and throat and rushes up through the top of your head. Its like chewing tobacco, drinking a beer real fast, and downing a pot of coffee all at once. ‘Tis lovely, if you have the taste for it.

China Post has this:

Health officials want to turn the scantily clad women who sell betel nuts at stands along Taiwan’s roadways into anti-AIDS campaigners.

Betel nuts, chewed as a mild stimulant, are popular among truck and taxi drivers — and vendors often compete by staffing roadside sales booths with young women in bikinis, translucent blouses or nurses’ uniforms with miniskirts.

The government plans to have the women give their customers boxes containing condoms and an AIDS warning, Yang Shih-yang, an official at the Center for Disease Control, said yesterday.

“Research done from Africa to Himalayan countries has proved one thing: The AIDS viruses are spread along the highways,” Yang said. He was apparently referring to truckers and cab drivers engaging in prostitution or sex with multiple partners.

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scifi thing

Need the pathos of Gilgamesh.

Political complexity of Roman Late Republic.

Tragedy and arc of Lear.

No. Tragedy and arc of Boudica.

Not “Boudica in Space.” Not “Lear on a diffrnt Planet.”

MEAN GODS. A real chance for men to fight ancient, sour gods. Not all the tentacles and goth of Cthulhu. Icy things, but not hoary like Asgardian giants. Stony things cutting through the upper atmosphere, big as cities. What keeps them at bay? Moorcockian balance, but not between Pattern and Chaos — something more local, more political. Something “site specific.” Names drawn from Babylonian sounds. Erdu. Enki. But never the same as the actual mythic characters.

For P.O.V., a Marcus Garvey with teeeeth. Not all the way to a Mua’dib type of guy… but someone who matters in more than one dimension. A sort of a Jesus with recognized Office; a poor farmer you must parlay with; a statesman of ghosts; an Alan Greenspan for the economics of the unseen; a guy who some of these ancient gods are actually afraid of. But not a savior. Not a holy man. A broker of energon. A deal-maker. A realist. A pragmatist. But the people want more — want him to be the savior that he’s not.

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