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gatto education

education as a corporate sorting hat. good talk by gatto.


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Oh, just shut it.

‘”I hope to hold websites accountable for their actions and re-balance the power that a user has online. Free speech should be global and not just a concept for the outside world. A virtual forum should be no different than a coffee shop. And we wouldn’t stand for someone getting kicked out of a coffee shop because they said Linux sucks.”‘

No. Quit your whining. If you’re in my coffee shop and you piss me off, I kick you out. It’s my coffee shop. I am the proprietor. You enjoy coffee here on my terms, or you take your business (and comments) elsewhere. Freedom of speech in the public square — but in my coffee shop, I will bounce your ass right out for talking smack, and rightly so.

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google social software

Deb points us toward Carpe’s very quotable post:

…as for elgoog, well, they’ve already got every targeted service (messaging, voice, mail, video, pictures, payment, data storage, collaborative apps, et al)…and they’ve got a simple publishing platform in place (think ‘google pages 2.0′) – now all they need to is flick a very small switch: you log in and are presented with an option to ‘publish your google profile‘ and in doing so elect to include select apps/services and make all/some available to groups/user across the ‘google network’ – very simple for elgoog to execute.

…so while facebook dreams of some bullshit world where third parties clamor to build shitty little apps inside their cluttered networking space which reaches only a minority of global interweb users, elgoog is just going to “be the entire space” and throw networking into the mix to expound the details and nuances of services and features…there will be a consumer version and an enterprise version…

goodbye myspace, goodbye linkedin, facebook, bebo and all of the others (yahoo and wallop included for now)…you’ve all completely missed this dark horse running in the social networking universe – the interweb IS just a social networking infrastructure, and all elgoog is doing is building a simple utility to search and connect users with increasingly finer gradations (e.g. collaborative apps, calendaring and other ‘group/singleuser’ services) until one day – poof! – the dark horse emerges.

…oh, and btw, in my opinion the only (and i mean absolutely the only) player that can rattle and compete is microsoft – with the largest installed sw user base in the world, all they need to do is allow for the same profile publishing services as they already do for enterprise, roll it out to consumers at zero cost and integrate a world of online apps and services…

so yeah, that’s what was on my mind earlier this morning, just wanted to throw it out there because i have not found ANYBODY ELSE talking about it yet! what the shit? am i the only one who really sees it this way?

That’s tasty.  “…the interweb IS just a social networking infrastructure…”

Now go read Carpe on Google/Apple

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factiva indexes indices

Thanks Factiva:

About Taxonomy Warehouse

Taxonomy Warehouse was created in 2001 as a valuable community resource, available free to users and vocabulary publishers to help organizations maximize their information assets and break through today’s information overload. Whether you are just investigating what taxonomy is and how it can help your organization or are making critical decisions on developing or managing taxonomies for an enterprise, Taxonomy Warehouse will help provide the information you need to effectively categorize internal and external data and ensure users find the information they need with speed and precision.

Some interesting statistics about Taxonomy Warehouse:

  • Over 660 Taxonomies
  • Classified by 73 subject domains
  • Produced by 261 publishers
  • In 39 languages
  • 65% produced in digital media
  • 100 directly licensable

So, if you need a starter vocabulary of engineering terms delivered in XML, or an authority file of company names in relational tables, or you want to check up on what kind of vocabularies exist in the field of banking and finance, then Taxonomy Warehouse is a powerful resource.


Contact Taxonomy Warehouse for more information

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evil google healthcare

Slashdot has:

An anonymous reader suggests we stop over to ZDNet for a case where Google may be stepping on the wrong side of that famous Don’t Be Evil line. A Google staffer is offering to help the healthcare industry contain the damage that Michael Moore’s film is about to do. (Here is the original Google Health Advertisement blog post by Lauren Turner; in case it disappears, it is reproduced in full in the ZDNet post.) Quoting from the Google post: “Many of our clients face these issues; companies come to us hoping we can help them better manage their reputations through ‘Get the Facts’ or issue management campaigns. Your brand or corporate site may already have these informational assets, but can users easily find them? We can place text ads, video ads, and rich media ads in paid search results or in relevant websites within our ever-expanding content network. Whatever the problem, Google can act as a platform for educating the public and promoting your message. We help you connect your company’s assets while helping users find the information they seek.”

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we.find live


we.find is a professional research company specializing in finding, interpreting, and delivering information.

Led by Woody Evans, an information professional with military, corporate, and academic research experience, we.find is there when Google it just isn’t good enough.


  • Business and Economics
  • Social Sciences
  • Geopolitics
  • Humanities
  • Technology

Whether you’re a writer who needs facts checked, a business owner who needs demographic or market data, or a government employee with special research needs, you’ll find an ally in we.find.

We’ve got sources.

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gray lit gold

You’ll be wanting to search the GrayLIT Network site, a construct of OSTI‘s.

I was thinking of “gray” mainly in terms of business / bureau policy, notices, signage even — but there’s a lot more. GrayLIT makes it available for free, often in full text. Government and military conference proceedings… many other goodies.

What is Gray Literature?

The U.S. Interagency Gray Literature Working Group, “Gray Information Functional Plan,” 18 January 1995, defines gray literature as “foreign or domestic open source material that usually is available through specialized channels and may not enter normal channels or systems of publication, distribution, bibliographic control, or acquisition by booksellers or subscription agents.”

Boolean operators work. Truncate with *. ((Can’t seem to sort results by date!)) Aha, here’s the word direct:

While the target Web sites may employ different search options, the following search tips are generally true:

  • The search engine is not case sensitive
  • Single word or word phrases may be entered in the query box to submit
  • If a phrase is entered, the “And” operator is assumed
  • The “Or” operator is recognized and will work regardless of “case”
  • The wildcard character * (asterisk) may be used to match the word stem.
  • Search Examples:

    photons and colliders
    photons or electrons
    linear colliders

And “target websites” refers to one of the 5 databases it searches:

Database Descriptions

Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) Technical Reports Collection This full-text collection provides access to unclassified, unlimited documents. It is a growing subset of over 127,552 reports referenced and available in STINET, which dates back to 1974. Subject areas consist of those associated with defense research and basic sciences including biological and medical sciences; environmental pollution and control; behavioral and social sciences; and patents and patent applications.

DOE Information Bridge Report Collection This site performs full-text searching across over 85,000 reports and over 4.3 million pages. Bibliographic citations are also available. Subject areas include physics, chemistry, materials, biology, environmental sciences, energy technologies, engineering, computer and information science, renewable energy, and other topics. Full text is available for reports from 1995 forward.

EPA – National Environmental Publications Internet Site (NEPIS) This site offers an increasing number of archival and current EPA documents online. Subject areas include water quality, wastewater, pesticides, ecological issues, wetlands, and many more environmental-related areas. With over 10,000 documents, NEPIS is EPA’s largest electronic documents site.

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) Technical Reports JPL’s Technical Report Server is a database of searchable citations and abstracts and downloadable full-text technical reports covering propulsion, deep space developments, and robotic missions. Currently, there over 18,172 technical reports online which are available in Portable Document Format (PDF).

NASA Langley Technical Reports This database provides access to publicly available online NASA documents covering aeronautical and space science. Technical reports on this system are in PDF, HTML, or compressed PostScript format. There are over 4,424 full-text reports that are downloadable with searchable citations and abstracts.

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music for factories

Is this strangely beautiful, or am I just evil?

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small business

Good small business plan workshop.  Linked to from

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