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while i was out: gibson in sl

From earlier in the Summer:

Short feature about William Gibson’s SL appearance.  “If you ever run into me in Second Life, I hope I won’t look quite so much like Quentin Tarantino.  Thank you.”


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won’t let the angels take you away

I used to go see Mike West in Hattiesburg any time he came to town.   I love this guy.  Here’s part of his recent story with his new wife, his kids, Truckstop Honeymoon, and setting up anew in Kansas after Katrina destroyed the 9th Ward of New Orleans.

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ron paul @ google

Yes.  It is time to take Ron Paul seriously, because he is a serious-minded man.  Popular?  Yeah, with a growing number, because he sounds like he’s telling the truth when he espouses his rather unpopular positions.  He’s not bullshitting.  That counts for a lot.

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James Kotecki gives them hell

I won’t attempt to restate or interpret what he’s doing here.  But watch this video.  This guy just won’t stop, and thank goodness for that.  At the moment, I’d rank James Kotecki as more relevant and important than 4/5ths of all the candidates running, and maybe even tied with Bill Clinton (don’t let it go to yr head, JK!).

Keep giving them hell and holding their feet to the fire, man.

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hell’s kitchen

I started watching the teevee channels and I love it.

A guilty pleasure.


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particulated debate

The democratic debate (cnn-youtube, 23 July 2007) is all smeared out, particulated, disparate, spread over multiple youtube user accounts, with no clear starting point, no clear index, and is violently temporally amix. I’ve had to watch it piecemeal. Haven’t found a watch-from portal at CNN or YouTube yet. Relying here on the kindness of uploads from political junkies… with varying results re: quality… and the net effect is that the big 3 or 4 get the most time (because they’re searched for more, linked to more, therefore ranked higher in results?).

I like this new 2.0, user-centered online media thing. I don’t like this post-postmodern scrambled-and-popularity-ranked outcome. I like like it when things are easy to find and contextual.  I don’t like watching 2 minutes here, 4 minutes there, all out of order.

Somebody give me a hint.

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please librarians i hope you will not

let architects do all your thinking for you please (yeah).

[Joshuah Prince-Ramus on abt Seattle’s public library design]

Joshua Prince-Ramus is architect of the Seattle Public Library and principal of REX (Ramus-Ella Architects). Previously, he was U.S. Director of Rem Koolhaas’s Office of Metropolitan Architecture. Through a series of beautiful visualizations, he deconstructs the collaborative process of building the Seattle Public Library, and also offers a sneak preview of his works in progress (The Wyly Theater in Dallas, Texas and Museum Plaza in Louisville, Kentucky). (Recorded February 2006 in Monterey, CA. Duration: 20:43) – More TEDTalks at

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craig ferguson

Me and the wife only just discovered him a couple months ago (about the same time we discovered TV), but this is one of several reasons why I will always be a Craig Ferguson fan:

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the veidt method

In answer to a Warren Ellis post… you’ll be wanting to ask this guy (Xoanon at about The Veidt Method, methinks…

{Watchmen movie?}

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reactable doctor who

Would someone please do the Doctor Who theme with reacTable please and please film it and put it on YouTube if you please? I will be the pal of the persons who do that.  In fact, I will find a piece of information for them for free*.

*Subject to terms and conditions. I’m an info-pro and I can do that. Make your request in the comments for this post, Mr. or Ms. First Person to reacTable the Who theme!

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