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Dutch bill to ban magic mushrooms

But the association of owners of so-called “Smart Shops” where the hallucinogenic fungi are sold say that magic mushrooms, which contain the hallucinogenic ingredient psilocybin, are only dangerous when they are taken together with alcohol or other drugs.

The Dutch cabinet has proposed a bill to ban the sale of hallucinogenic or so-called “magic mushrooms”.

A majority of MPs is expected to back the proposal, which comes after a number of accidents, mostly involving tourists.

The health ministry said the number of incidents linked with the use of magic mushrooms had almost doubled in the last four years, mainly in Amsterdam.

But owners of the shops that sell them say the ban is unnecessary.

“The use of mushrooms can produce hallucinogenic effects which can lead to extreme or life-threatening behaviour,” the health ministry said in a statement late on Friday after the cabinet decision.

A woman harvests magic mushrooms in a grow room at the Procare farm in Hazerswoude, central Netherlands, Friday Aug. 3, 2007


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aol taiwan

And Hong Kong.

And Sphere in play.

And the iPhone interface.

Despite Time-Warner’s wingeing and waffling, AOL seems to be getting less irrelevant.  I’m suddenly interested.

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tla wuz

TLA wuss?  No sir.  I caught a falling metal pole and saved a maiden’s head from hurt!  Really did, over on the far (South?) side of the exhibitions hall.  Then me and some likely lads secured the rest of the frame, and got the roughnecks called in to re-bolt the bastard.

But, yes, TLA.  Had my doubts about it, my prejudices.  Really did and still do.  But it was good on the whole.  Better than good, and more than worth the time, traffic, and money.  Just wish my bureau-crew had backed me a little better, sent me for more than a day.  But hey, I appreciate what I did get to do.  Very much.

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