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iran green, ‘think positive’

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fox news, milk, rBST, monsanto

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ishush on qik, sousveillance, & equiveillance

Ishush has:

MONDAY, JUNE 01, 2009
qik & sousveillance

Sousveillance is about us all ‘at the bottom’ observing what goes on around and above us in an intentional way. Missteps by those in power (censorship, abuse, illegal moves of other kinds) can be recorded and cataloged just as well as the illegal moves of those ‘below’ — us — can be recorded and cataloged by those in power.

Qik may be a tool that takes sousveillance where it really needs to go — live feed. It’s got some kind of Facebook app too that I haven’t explored yet. Camera phones can be confiscated — but if the video is streaming live, then you can imagine that security may become reticent even to take said phone away, as long as doing so is an illegal act (or an embarrassment for the org or polis they may represent).

This could hold feet to fire. This could be a real tool for The People to document grievances against their states. “Equiveillance” is the term, I think.

They’re watching, and we’re watching too.

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Qik… so friendly, so cute. Will be a political force.

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gatto education

education as a corporate sorting hat. good talk by gatto.

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future war stuff

Warren Ellis has the NS version, here‘s mine @ h+, and PW Singer has an h+ interview and a great TED talk.


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this is bad: watch lists and arbitrary revocation of 2 amend.

Apparently this is from 2007 @ Brady Center — Rahm Emmanuel says that if you’re on the watch list you don’t have the right to bear arms.

That’s wrong and that’s bad because the watch list is LAUGHABLE. They harangue 5 year olds and little old ladies. This is all starting to looking strangely purposeful.

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pirates and emperors

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passions to ponder

the passions, kallistos ware

The Orthodox WayWare, 1993 ed. p. 155. “The passions, then, are to be purified, not killed; to be educated, not eradicated… we say, not ’suppress’ but ‘transfigure’…”

And I saw:

“rechanneling destructive impulses is a sign of maturity” at [a].

The repurposing of the energies that motivate angst and fear and hate… to turn those energies toward skillful means that get things done.  That remove illusion (and bear in mind, creation can be violent too)…

Hm.  Death to the World, attenuated. Or loaded with a subtlety.

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maltose fairies

You know I get chaffed with the beer wizards who can’t stand a good bitter, think everything ought to taste like Chimay, but don’t know basic sugar chemistry. These guys that want their brews to waft of banana and esters, and can’t stomach the idea of a batch bottled in plastic jugs? They gotta come down off it. It’s beer. Beer’s good. But it’s just beer. I make it and drink it because I’m thirsty and it gives me a buzz. That’s it.

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It’s almost 1970 in Norm Coleman’s Minnesota

Check out the date in the lower left.

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