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convergence rant

I’m not some prancing, chatting, comment-flouncing twitterer who needs to have just one way or just one place to act as a central depository for all my communications so that anyone, anywhere, who ever might need to, for any inane or annoying little reason, can check in on me or hold me responsible for any of their little prancing, comment-flouncing twitters any time of the day or night, any day of the month, any week of the year that they want to, only later to sobbingly complain to me: “You never responded to that flickring .gif I left on your SharePoint page, and that made me really really sad… so sad and moody, in fact, that I’ve gone and spam-bombed YOUR ONE UNIVERSAL ACCOUNT with all the nastiest Lithuanian porn I could dredge up out of the gutters of the web… and I was right to do it because I’m a victim of your social ignorance“, and thereby degrade themselves, degrade me, bring dishonor to my family and shame to the very nature of netiquette itself, as it gets redefined before our eyes into a big, wet, sobbing pit of narcissitic, Gen-MySpace filth, and further brings the ruin of decent conversation, privacy, and the right of mankind to misanthropic isolation into utter, gurgling decay.


That’s my uneducated, knee-jerk reaction to that.

Now get back to work (after you watch this great performance by Warren Zevon).


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You may be coming from ISHUSH. You may be coming from This has a different use and purpose than either of those.

This isn’t just for librarians. It’s not just info-viz or info-science. It’s not strictly, like, meta-informational.

Sometimes you may get a joke.

Mainly, this is the “open notebook of an excitable librarian” who’s taking other hats off the hook. Though public, this blog won’t make it a goal to stay real accesible or relevant.  So good luck reading it.

And that’s about the upper-limit of explanation you can expect to see.

Rough kernacular subject tree of interests here explored:

libraries, occult, fiction, history, politics, technology, design, crafting, information science

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