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ron paul: no tax on tips

Waitpersons of the world unite.


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ridikulus! edwards and family and pansification

John Edwards answered a question about exposing children to gay and lesbian families by saying that his children and wife were accepting of gays, and that was okay, because even though he wasn’t particularly thrilled about gays he didn’t believe he had the right to impose his own worldview on his children.


Then why ought we trust him to impose his own worldview on the world? As, you know, president or anything?

Maybe he’s being “conservative” about gay rights because he’s trying to distance himself from Coulter’s sad “fag” appellation. But the strategy has clearly backfired. Now he seems more a pansy than he ever has before. Coupled with the possible self-identification with Christ (his favorite Bible verse “…you do unto me”), and the testy self- martyrdom (“No! Look what I’ve done!” for Katrina victims), he’s looking kind of… ridiculous.

He remains way too slick for his own good.  And just to be very very clear: it is Edward’s attempt to shift away from gays and lesbians that is the pansy move.

Here’s James Kotecki’s recap of the debate:

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richmond’s confederate woes

Tim’s take on Richmond’s identity crisis.

Yet, because of its hive-like pre-possession of a defeat that happened 150 years ago, the citizens of this area can’t seem to let go of an identity that hasn’t been theirs for nearly fifty years.If you wonder why nothing ever gets done in this city, this is a big part of it. You can’t build a future for a city, if you won’t let go of the past.

I went out to Vicksburg with Dad and Granddad this last Summer. It’s still so thorny and complex for Southern white men. It breaks down a lot easier for me than it used to: how can any freedom loving man (or woman) (of any race) support these creepy vestiges of a feudal confederacy? The South Will Rise Again? And you’ll be a share-cropper again? Breaking your back, just like Freemen and before them the slaves, to grow the Big Man’s crops? Why? Being white don’t keep you from being poor and hungry and sick, mofo.

No, no. America isn’t a feudal system — and even strong State’s Rights agrarian idealists have to admit that its no fun to live and die sweating over someone else’s capital on land you don’t own in the hopes that you’ll remain in his good graces long enough to keep catching the fatty scraps that fall from his table.

Tim’s right. It’s keeping plenty of Southern towns icily still. I’m tired of this “complexity”; it’s not glamorous or patriotic — it’s bunk and it’s boring and it’s fueled by “paper integrationists” that pretend they wouldn’t want a sharp right turn back to Jim Crow. But it’s easy to see through the pretense when they play their mouth-music through iron gates out at the edge of town — where all the whites fly to at night.

see also: Noel Polk’s non-Faulkner writings.

see also: these 6 kids still in jail for scaring the whites reminding the whites that they won’t be coerced with fear anymore.

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dharma talks audio

Good sources for audio talks about practice.

San Francisco Zen Center (Blanche Hartman, Reb Anderson, others)

World Community for Christian Meditation (after John Main and Bede Griffiths)

Audio Dharma

Tricycle Podcasts

Some talks by Stephen Hoeller  (esoteric Christianity, Wester Hermetic traditions, etc.)

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spook country: google cse

find yourself exhausted in the search for archival sources reporting government sub-contractor’s activities in particular black ops? need authoritative analysis of de-classified documents? want to know what your representatives in congress say about anti-grav propulsion technology?

maybe you just wonder who-knows-who between the Blackwater bunch and the Rendon Group.

you need you some [spook country research]

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google cse: silversword

find yourself exhausted in the search for quality commentary on the grimoire of Pope Honorius? don’t fret. here’s a tool for those hard to reach “occult” places, when you get tired of stumbling over flaky sites selling chintzy trinkets:

‘silversword occult search’

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ape regards ape

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sec. def. cheney: don’t go to baghdad

Back when things made just a little more sense.

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independent state of caledon

UPDATE | I haven’t even seriously started looking at all the funked-up sociocultural perversions in SL.  Plenty of folks have been looking anecdotally for a while now.  I guess I won’t really be interested until I can see culturally distinct groups using it then expressing their own subcultures (as opposed to a dominant culture’s subculture’s uses of the space).  Also, interested in SL searching and info-literacy in different communities.  Must come back to all this sometime soon.  |

Steampunk enclave in SL:

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while i was out: gibson in sl

From earlier in the Summer:

Short feature about William Gibson’s SL appearance.  “If you ever run into me in Second Life, I hope I won’t look quite so much like Quentin Tarantino.  Thank you.”

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