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ridikulus! edwards and family and pansification

John Edwards answered a question about exposing children to gay and lesbian families by saying that his children and wife were accepting of gays, and that was okay, because even though he wasn’t particularly thrilled about gays he didn’t believe he had the right to impose his own worldview on his children.


Then why ought we trust him to impose his own worldview on the world? As, you know, president or anything?

Maybe he’s being “conservative” about gay rights because he’s trying to distance himself from Coulter’s sad “fag” appellation. But the strategy has clearly backfired. Now he seems more a pansy than he ever has before. Coupled with the possible self-identification with Christ (his favorite Bible verse “…you do unto me”), and the testy self- martyrdom (“No! Look what I’ve done!” for Katrina victims), he’s looking kind of… ridiculous.

He remains way too slick for his own good.  And just to be very very clear: it is Edward’s attempt to shift away from gays and lesbians that is the pansy move.

Here’s James Kotecki’s recap of the debate:

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  1. I think he should wear leather pants in order to get back the “gay vote.” No, wait, make sure they’re pleather so he doesn’t offend the PETA people. No, wait, make sure he didn’t pay too much for them so he doesn’t distance himself from the working man. No, wait, then he’ll look like he’s not contributing to the economy as much as he should…ARGH! I’m glad I’m not a campaign manager.

    Can I also make a note of how demeaning it is (in my view) to discuss groups such as the “gay vote” and the “black vote” and the “latino vote?” You never here about the “white vote,” or the “straight vote” as if they are the only one’s who aren’t forced to vote based on groupthink of their particular social minority status.

    Comment by Spencer | September 27, 2007 | Reply

  2. “You never here about the” is obviously supposed to be “You never hear about the”. Sorry.

    Comment by Spencer | September 27, 2007 | Reply

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