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richmond’s confederate woes

Tim’s take on Richmond’s identity crisis.

Yet, because of its hive-like pre-possession of a defeat that happened 150 years ago, the citizens of this area can’t seem to let go of an identity that hasn’t been theirs for nearly fifty years.If you wonder why nothing ever gets done in this city, this is a big part of it. You can’t build a future for a city, if you won’t let go of the past.

I went out to Vicksburg with Dad and Granddad this last Summer. It’s still so thorny and complex for Southern white men. It breaks down a lot easier for me than it used to: how can any freedom loving man (or woman) (of any race) support these creepy vestiges of a feudal confederacy? The South Will Rise Again? And you’ll be a share-cropper again? Breaking your back, just like Freemen and before them the slaves, to grow the Big Man’s crops? Why? Being white don’t keep you from being poor and hungry and sick, mofo.

No, no. America isn’t a feudal system — and even strong State’s Rights agrarian idealists have to admit that its no fun to live and die sweating over someone else’s capital on land you don’t own in the hopes that you’ll remain in his good graces long enough to keep catching the fatty scraps that fall from his table.

Tim’s right. It’s keeping plenty of Southern towns icily still. I’m tired of this “complexity”; it’s not glamorous or patriotic — it’s bunk and it’s boring and it’s fueled by “paper integrationists” that pretend they wouldn’t want a sharp right turn back to Jim Crow. But it’s easy to see through the pretense when they play their mouth-music through iron gates out at the edge of town — where all the whites fly to at night.

see also: Noel Polk’s non-Faulkner writings.

see also: these 6 kids still in jail for scaring the whites reminding the whites that they won’t be coerced with fear anymore.


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  1. Yep. It’s a really creepy place. I don’t like it there.

    This is all seems less than complex, to me, too. Jared’s been listening to me talk about how angry I am about the simplicity of things lately when they aren’t treated as such. Sometimes I get self-conscious, like maybe I am foolish to think simply; more often, though, I see things that I think are labeled as “complicated” as a way to avoid direct answers to legitimate questions.

    Maybe that’s foolish of me, too. I dunno. But as someone capable of and familiar with complex thought, I give myself permission to get angry.

    Comment by Elizabeth | September 26, 2007 | Reply

  2. This is why I don’t like people very much. Well, this is part of the reason why. How can someone look reason in the eye and still make the wrong decision?

    Comment by Spencer | September 27, 2007 | Reply

  3. I reckon people value other things more than they do reason. Or rule of law. Or the Golden Rule.

    Comment by woody3 | September 28, 2007 | Reply

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