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James Kotecki gives them hell

I won’t attempt to restate or interpret what he’s doing here.  But watch this video.  This guy just won’t stop, and thank goodness for that.  At the moment, I’d rank James Kotecki as more relevant and important than 4/5ths of all the candidates running, and maybe even tied with Bill Clinton (don’t let it go to yr head, JK!).

Keep giving them hell and holding their feet to the fire, man.


August 2, 2007 - Posted by | blogs, geo/pol, video


  1. w00t!

    Comment by James Kotecki | August 2, 2007 | Reply

  2. First, very nicely stated… now let’s get a little real. Who wants young people to vote? Have you seen us? Seriously, I think they’re happy as long as their old people outnumber the other guy’s young people + old people… well, as long as they outnumber them in the right places.

    I remember reading a philosophy book on ethics that mentioned making the argument to the unconvertable is as wasteful as making it to the chior, so people should save their energy and make it to those who they can convince. Maybe that’s what they feel they’re doing.
    I wouldn’t want to do a YouTube debate… but I wouldn’t want to be president either. Remember, Viva la benevolent despotism!

    Comment by Spencer | August 2, 2007 | Reply


    This is not what I mean by benevolent despotism.

    Comment by Spencer | August 16, 2007 | Reply

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