critical reading for the rude

head in the past

“Driving while looking in the rear-view mirror”. McLuhan, wasn’t it? Well that’s me. Responding to yesterday… or, at best, today.

Some folks think I’m some kind of radical technophile. My boss lady recently expressed surprise that I have books in my house. Said she reckoned that I’d stow all my needed media on a nice machine. But I like bookshelves. Paperbacks going brittle and yellow. Something about knowing that the book has a limited number of reads in it. How many times will this book get read by me and my wife and my son before it finally goes to loose pages and crumbly bits in one of our hands? I like that. Being in the cycle. Earth to tree to page to brain to dust blown back out into the yard, to Earth. My son will read books his great-grandad sends. These here ideas were important enough to me to send them forward in time to you.

Here’s an Elric adventure that smells like pipe smoke.

I can’t catch up, though. The newest music? Forget about it. I’m listening to My Bloody Valentine and John Cale and Digable Planets and the Cocteau Twins. I’ve heard of the Flaming Lips. I’ve heard Luke Vibert and 16 Horsepower, but I haven’t yet metabolized them. I’m still on, like, Stereolab and Michael Hurley and Deltron 3030. Can never quite catch up.

New moves in architecture? I’m just now touching on Sophia Vyzoviti. I just can’t quite catch up.

July 10, 2007 - Posted by | books, music, personomy

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