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|Update| Aha! Ranking based on accessibility:

Accessible Search is an early Google Labs product designed to identify and prioritize search results that are more easily usable by blind and visually impaired users. Regular Google search helps you find a set of documents that is most relevant to your tasks. Accessible Search goes one step further by helping you find the most accessible pages in that result set. 

This seems to have the net effect of letting you search with Google and view results without seeing sponsored links or ads. Also, the simpler layout makes it easier to view in high contrast and in magnification. Billed as an “accessible search” to aid the visually impaired, I’ll be using it to search sans ads till my eyes give out.

The announcement is here:

The thing itself lives here:

It lives inside the co-op / “custom search” house.


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global incident map

My new favorite toy… I mean tool… whatever:

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Here’s what it looks like when you pay a $250,000 fine:

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google social software

Deb points us toward Carpe’s very quotable post:

…as for elgoog, well, they’ve already got every targeted service (messaging, voice, mail, video, pictures, payment, data storage, collaborative apps, et al)…and they’ve got a simple publishing platform in place (think ‘google pages 2.0′) – now all they need to is flick a very small switch: you log in and are presented with an option to ‘publish your google profile‘ and in doing so elect to include select apps/services and make all/some available to groups/user across the ‘google network’ – very simple for elgoog to execute.

…so while facebook dreams of some bullshit world where third parties clamor to build shitty little apps inside their cluttered networking space which reaches only a minority of global interweb users, elgoog is just going to “be the entire space” and throw networking into the mix to expound the details and nuances of services and features…there will be a consumer version and an enterprise version…

goodbye myspace, goodbye linkedin, facebook, bebo and all of the others (yahoo and wallop included for now)…you’ve all completely missed this dark horse running in the social networking universe – the interweb IS just a social networking infrastructure, and all elgoog is doing is building a simple utility to search and connect users with increasingly finer gradations (e.g. collaborative apps, calendaring and other ‘group/singleuser’ services) until one day – poof! – the dark horse emerges.

…oh, and btw, in my opinion the only (and i mean absolutely the only) player that can rattle and compete is microsoft – with the largest installed sw user base in the world, all they need to do is allow for the same profile publishing services as they already do for enterprise, roll it out to consumers at zero cost and integrate a world of online apps and services…

so yeah, that’s what was on my mind earlier this morning, just wanted to throw it out there because i have not found ANYBODY ELSE talking about it yet! what the shit? am i the only one who really sees it this way?

That’s tasty.  “…the interweb IS just a social networking infrastructure…”

Now go read Carpe on Google/Apple

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note to self: swivel, chief.

& find yr login to Many Eyes!!

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hans rosling 2007

TED Talk:

He’s saying let’s unearth data so that we can make better decisions about how to improve people’s lives, and along the way, we get an excellent research tool for history, sociology, economics… Couple of other points — the end goal here is not “more money” or economic prosperity for the world, but rather economic prosperity will enable us to reach our goals of cultural expression, art, fun, and human rights:

Plus he takes off his shirt & swallows a sword at the end.

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