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Thanks Factiva:

About Taxonomy Warehouse

Taxonomy Warehouse was created in 2001 as a valuable community resource, available free to users and vocabulary publishers to help organizations maximize their information assets and break through today’s information overload. Whether you are just investigating what taxonomy is and how it can help your organization or are making critical decisions on developing or managing taxonomies for an enterprise, Taxonomy Warehouse will help provide the information you need to effectively categorize internal and external data and ensure users find the information they need with speed and precision.

Some interesting statistics about Taxonomy Warehouse:

  • Over 660 Taxonomies
  • Classified by 73 subject domains
  • Produced by 261 publishers
  • In 39 languages
  • 65% produced in digital media
  • 100 directly licensable

So, if you need a starter vocabulary of engineering terms delivered in XML, or an authority file of company names in relational tables, or you want to check up on what kind of vocabularies exist in the field of banking and finance, then Taxonomy Warehouse is a powerful resource.


Contact Taxonomy Warehouse for more information

July 2, 2007 - Posted by | biz, info sci, search

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