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bibliometry and transhumanism: new work

Journal of Evolution and Technology‘s out with a new volume for Summer. Read my paper there, “Singularity Warfare: A Bibliometric Survey of Militarized Transhumanism.


This paper examines a number of terms related to transhumanism, and their prevalence in military and government publications. Transhumanism and the technologies attendant to the movement have clear implications for militaries and insurgencies. Although strategists in all camps must begin to plan for the possible impacts of such technologies if they wish to stay relevant and ready on a global scale, the impact of transhuman values is all but nonexistent in the military literature. This paper concludes that the lack of transhuman terms in military journals illustrates an ignorance of transhumanism amongst military thinkers and policy makers.

Shout out to Marcelo, Dr. J, and the reviewers for the constructive criticism!

Good work in this volume. Don’t miss Koepsell’s piece on gene patenting.

June 27, 2007 - Posted by | geo/pol, info sci, writing

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