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all roads 2 prometeus

UPDATE: I realize this little vid is in some respects sorta tongue-in-cheek, but I think this bit:

In 2020 Lawrence Lessig, the author of ‘Free Culture’, is the new US Secretary of Justice and declares the copyright illegal.

does a disservice to Lessig and to copyleft culture, CC and the like.  Copyright has room for “copyleft”, but copyleft does not have room to bar the rights of a creator to set the rights-level for his bit of art.  For copyright to be illegal, copyleft would also have to be illegal, because it’s the notion that we have the right to set our own level of use and reuse for works that makes copyleft possible.  Duh.

A brief history of the near future (grabbed from Sterling):

Devices that replicate the five senses are available in the virtual worlds. The reality could be replicated in Second Life.
Any one has an Agav (agent-avatar) that finds information, people, places in the virtual worlds.
In 2022 Google launches Prometeus, the Agav standard interface.
Amazon creates Place, a company that replicates reality. You can be on Mars, at the battle of Waterloo, at the Super Bowl as a person. It’s real.
In 2027 Second Life evolves into Spirit. People become who they want.
And share the memory. The experiences. The feelings. Memory selling becomes a normal trading.
In 2050 Prometeus buys Place and Spirit. Virtual life is the biggest market on the planet. Prometeus finances all the space missions to find new worlds for its customers: the terrestrial avatar.
Experience is the new reality.


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