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sousveillance hurts

Police officers do not like being photographed, at least not when this guy does it. Sousveillance isn’t any kind of instant fix like “oh, you’re recording this? well we’d better all be on our best behavior,” you know. It’s not a reverse pan-opticon, where we all watch the authority and the authority stops doing naughty things. It’ll take many more years and tears and plenty of diligence… maybe a live webcast library for people on the streets, recording their encounters in real time… but the blade cuts both ways.  We’ll all have to start wearing disguises to hide the fact that we make so many trips down to the local (whatever spot you go to that you don’t want folks knowing that you go to).

My name is Carlos Miller and I am a writer, reporter and photojournalist who was arrested by Miami police after taking photos of them against their wishes, which was a clear violation of my First Amendment rights. I have pleaded not guilty to the nine misdemeanor charges they conjured to justify their arrest. My trial begins May 7th.”

This is not something that regular folks or the state is going to just give you. Nobody’s ready for this particular future yet. This is just a whiff of what losing control of your personomy feels like. We like our privacy, all of us (but do you actually get privacy when your on public time, in public uniform?), and we’re wary about where the line blurs.

But, hey. Keep trying if you want to.

April 30, 2007 - Posted by | blogs, geo/pol

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