critical reading for the rude

scifi thing

Need the pathos of Gilgamesh.

Political complexity of Roman Late Republic.

Tragedy and arc of Lear.

No. Tragedy and arc of Boudica.

Not “Boudica in Space.” Not “Lear on a diffrnt Planet.”

MEAN GODS. A real chance for men to fight ancient, sour gods. Not all the tentacles and goth of Cthulhu. Icy things, but not hoary like Asgardian giants. Stony things cutting through the upper atmosphere, big as cities. What keeps them at bay? Moorcockian balance, but not between Pattern and Chaos — something more local, more political. Something “site specific.” Names drawn from Babylonian sounds. Erdu. Enki. But never the same as the actual mythic characters.

For P.O.V., a Marcus Garvey with teeeeth. Not all the way to a Mua’dib type of guy… but someone who matters in more than one dimension. A sort of a Jesus with recognized Office; a poor farmer you must parlay with; a statesman of ghosts; an Alan Greenspan for the economics of the unseen; a guy who some of these ancient gods are actually afraid of. But not a savior. Not a holy man. A broker of energon. A deal-maker. A realist. A pragmatist. But the people want more — want him to be the savior that he’s not.


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