critical reading for the rude

balance in sussing it

1. Be human. Ask questions, lots of questions, but not so many that the patron feels interrogated. Keep it casual, but don’t be flippant.

2. You are their bulldog. You are their advocate in the face of a daunting collection that confuses them. You’re job is to lock onto their need and source it out, sniff to the source, never letting their need get loose in your jaws (until they have the book… then let it go. Let it go.).

3. You better take their need seriously.

4. You better take your interaction with them seriously enough to be human, to be natural, to ask and to listen.

5. Don’t do their work for them. Teach them how to use the collection. Be militant in your attack of the collection by their side. You are not a search engine.  You are not a robot.

April 7, 2007 - Posted by | info sci

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