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Speaking of if:book, they’re running out another version of Gam3r 7h3ory. They want visualizations of the text, and, by visualizations they mean:

…some graphical representation of the text that uses computation to discover new meanings and patterns and enables forms of reading that print can’t support. Some examples that have inspired us:

– Brad Paley’s Text Arc
– Marcos Weskamp’s Newsmap
– Fernanda Viegas’ Wikipedia “History Flow”
– Chirag Mehta’s US Presidential Speeches Tag Cloud
– Kushal Dave’s Exegesis
– Magnus Rembold and Jurgen Spath’s comparative essay visualizations in Total Interaction
– Philip DeCamp, Amber Frid-Jimenez, Jethran Guiness, Deb Roy: “Gist Icons” (pdf)
– CNET’s The Big Picture
Visuwords online graphical dictionary
– Christopher Collins’ DocuBurst (pdf)
– Stamen Design’s rendering of Kate Hayles’ Narrating Bits in USC’s Vectors
– Brian Kim Stefans’ The Dreamlife of Letters
Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries

This is what I like, see.  This is what bibliometry is growing up to be.


April 4, 2007 - Posted by | info sci

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