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media footprint

Tim’s done spread this “media consumption footprint” meme.

I’ll join in.


I half live on it. I’m on myspace and friendster and blogger and such. I get my news and my newspaper articles and my magazine articles online. I listen to music and watch some video online. I’m in the thick, mates.


I prefer e-mail, but I will still take phone calls. I’ve got the cheapest land-line you can get, no long-distance, and one pay-as-you-go, no-contract, emergency-use-only cell phone. (It ain’t ketai.)


I watch shows on DVD, a year late. Deadwood, Rome, Curb Yr Enthusiasm. Give me Doctor Who. I watch some bits and pieces from TV on YouTube.


Reading Moorcock’s Corum stories, Google and the Myth of Universal Knowledge by Jeanneney, and hoping to get started soon with a copy of Whitehead’s An Introduction to Mathematics (just browsing, picked it up in the library) soonly. This I don’t do online. This I do with physical paper in my physical hand.


I gots bloglines, I read MSNBC, I check in at C-SPAN. Google News I’m always clicking. Lately been interested in news on qat. I dunno really why that is.


Schultze Gets the Blues. DVD. Every (every) now and then we’ll go to the movie-house, but I hate the crowds. I get itchy and mean.


Listening to Billy Bragg a good bit on Pandora. Listened to Jamiroquai yesterday morning on the good old fashioned CD player. My wife tips me off to good tunes through myspace, too.


WIRED. I really don’t do much periodical paper, though.

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